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What We Offer:​

First and foremost we offer a free initial consultation. This is an opportunity to learn more about the new rules, how they will affect your firm and just what your options are to comply with the regulations. Our services are entirely flexible so you can pick and choose just what level of assistance you want.

Our e​xperienced consultants will offer a thirty minute free review meeting/call. This is an opportunity for you to learn more about the new pension rules and just how they will impact on your firm. We will walk you through the key elements of the new workplace pension rules, what decisions you need to make as a business and just what actions you need to take.

Your consultant will take this time to learn about the size, nature and dynamics of your business and workforce. They will then explain our full range of services and costs and just how we can befit your company in future. It is entirely down to you which services, if any, you would like to proceed with following the initial consultation.



After AESMEs Free Preliminary Assessment you will know you have started down the right path to Auto Enrolment

Full Assessment Report

To help you to fully understand your legal obligations under the auto enrolment regulations and what you will need to do, AESMEs will carry out a comprehensive assessment and produce a report which will include:

  • When the new legislation comes into effect for you
  • What you will need to do
  • The consequences of not meeting your responsibilities
  • The responsibilities you will have for each type of employee
  • What the cost of contributions will be for your current workforce
  • Other considerations
  • How AESMEs can help you

The report eliminates the need for you to gather all the required information needed to ensure that you are prepared to meet your obligations. It will give you the reassurance that you will not have overlooked any tasks, to ensure you are compliant on your Staging Date.



For a modest fee can you afford not to commission our full Assessment Report?

Implementation of a Qualifying Workplace Pension

We recognised from the launch of auto enrolment that many SMEs would not have the internal infrastructure to undertake all the tasks necessary to ensure they meet their obligations by their Staging Dates. To assist these SMEs, at AESMEs we have developed an Implementation Service to ensure you get there in time! The Implementation Service includes:

  • AESMEs will managed the auto enrolment implementation for you
  • We will look in more detail at each of the contribution options available and what these mean for you.
  • We will manage and process the requirements for all staff to join the scheme in time for your staging date

From our comprehensive implementation plan template we will create a customised implementation plan for your business, to ensure you will be able to meet your employer duties within the necessary timescales.

The plan will normally cover a period of six months; the four months leading up to the Staging Date and two months post Staging Date.

The plan will identify the tasks, the responsible person for each task, start and end date of each task. No task is closed without the client sign off.


Be assured by utilising our robust Implementation Service

Ongoing Administration Service
(for employers who have chosen the Nest pension scheme)

It soon became evident that if SMEs were going to need support getting to their Staging Date, they may also need a dedicated and professional Administration Service. AESMEs service has been developed for those that have chosen the Nest pension scheme, to carry out all the back room tasks that will need completing to ensure clients remain auto enrolment compliant. The Administration Service includes:

  • Creating and maintaining a client database to record all mandatory auto enrolment information
  • Assessment of all new employees for eligibility for auto enrolment
  • Registering all eligible new employees with the Nest pension scheme
  • Post the member’s pensionable pay and the combined pension contributions on the member’s Nest record each month
  • Update Nest member records as employees leave your employment.
  • Update Nest member records, notify the scheme administrators of employees opting out of the scheme, taking a break from paying contributions and restarting after a break
  • Prepare the monthly schedule of pensionable pay and pension contributions deducted and send to employers before the direct debit is taken each month for payment to the Nest pension scheme


For peace of mind that you are maintaining all mandatory auto enrolment information, let AESMEs Administration Service do it for you.

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